Corjito La Suerte  

Cortijo la Suerte is in the heart of Las Alpujarras, a protected environmental area where you can explore a huge variety of natural and cultural attractions. The region is overlooked by the Sierra Nevada (literally, the “Snowy Range”), and crowned by Mulhacén, Spain’s highest peak. This rugged and picturesque range is home to a variety of unique plants and animals.

Culturally Las Alpujarras has a turbulent history and has been occupied by Tartessians, Visigoths, Romans and Moors. Its inaccessible valleys and steep slopes have given refuge to guerrilla fighters in a number of wars. Even today there are occasional stories of criminals hiding out in the remote corners of the Sierra Nevada.

The typical white villages of the Alpujarras are a cultural legacy of the Moors, as is the famous Alhambra palace in Granada. Likewise the extensive system of water irrigation channels (acequias) and water storages (alberquas) are inherited from the Moors. Many of these ancient acequias are still in use, and you’ll see them as you explore the countryside. Even older is the Roman bridge across the Rio Trevélez, in the steep valley beneath Cortijo la Suerte.

The best times for hiking are spring and autumn - the winter months are cold and there may even be snow, while the summer can be too hot for walking. As well as walking, you can explore the natural surroundings on horse back or by mountain bike. In our link page you will find several professional organisations which can guide you in the activities around the area.

By car, it’s easy to visit other towns, make day trips to the beach and go skiing on the Sierra Nevada – it’s possible to go skiing and swim in the sea on the same day! Make sure you find time to visit the magnificent Alhambra palace and Generalife gardens in Granada – these outstanding examples of Islamic architecture are both UNESCO World Heritage sites. Please note that booking in advance (by telephone or internet) is a must!